Musical Babes

New-born to 1.5 years • 12 weeks per theme
Music stimulates growth in the brain that can result in better motor skills, advanced auditory and language skills and a smarter adult.

Schedule For Young Musical Babes
(Between 4 to 11 Months)

TUE11.30am (NEW)
WED2.30pm (NEW)

Schedule For Musical Babes
(Below 18 Months)

MON11am (FULL)
TUE9.30am, 10.30am, 11.30am
THU9.30am (FULL)
FRI3pm (NEW)
SAT3.30pm (NEW)
SUN2pm, 3pm

Our Music Studio is the place to start the journey of possibilities with your child. Here in the Musical Babes Class, you will learn how to stimulate your child’s learning through vocal play, object/instrument exploration and creative movement.

You will find yourselves dancing, singing, giggling and enjoying every movement of our repertoire of songs, rhymes, baby exercises and dances. The strong bond that comes naturally from participating in our Musical Babes Class is one that will last a lifetime and gives your child a solid foundation to grow into a secure, confident and happy child.