Our Teachers

Our teachers have been teaching music and movement to young children with years of experience.
Our Music Studio Teachers
Chong Li-Hoey

Equipped with a Grade 8 ABRSM in piano practical and theory as well as a performance grade in practical, Li-Hoey firmly embraces music as an integral part of life and the positive influence that music has for children. Coming from a family that values music and the arts, Li-Hoey has been exposed since young to dance, piano and choral singing. She started teaching music and movement since 2009 and was previously a part-time piano teacher. Her favourite activity in class is the circle dance as she loves to see the babies’ smiles and reactions as they dance and bond with their parents. A mother of two children, Li-Hoey believes that Our Music Studio equips both parents and children with the right tools to create and make music part of their everyday lives. Li-Hoey has also gone on to obtain Level 1 certification in Orff Schulwerk.

Diane Li

Diane has been teaching music and movement to young children since 2008. She discovered her passion for music taking care of her three children while being a stay-at-home mum in the US. She realized how singing, moving to music and dramatizing stories to her children contributed to their physical and emotional development and enhanced their attitude towards learning. After she returned to Singapore, she decided to build her expertise in music and movement by being certified in Orff Schulwerk and other early childhood teaching pedagogy.

She strongly believes that every child is musical and that through music and movement the child learns to express herself and forms a positive attitude towards people and the environment. Diane also has a specialist Diploma in teaching children with special needs. What Diane loves most about her work is the opportunity to see how children could learn in leaps and bounds with music enhancement.

Endina W

Endina’s formal music education started when she was four years old. Since then, music has always been part of her life.

She plays the piano well and knows how to play the violin too. She has her music certification from Yamaha, ABRSM and Indonesian Education Ministry. In her youth, she passed the choir audition that brought her to Japan in a friendly competition with other countries. Over there, she had the opportunity to immerse herself in the Japanese culture by living with the locals for 2 weeks. When she entered the workforce in the research and consulting industry, she was still active in a choir and co-ordinated a group of transient workers using music as their medium of expression. She then fell in love with music and movement. To equip herself professionally, she took Level 1 Orff Schulwerk, the certification based on the creative approach on music and movement developed by German composer Carl Orff. She also participated in a workshop on teaching music and movement to babies and preschoolers by Lynn Kleiner, an American veteran player in music-and-movement pedagogy.

Now Endina is doing what she loves most, teaching children music and movement. She finds a lot of fulfilment in impacting other lives with music. The joy and bonding expressed on her students’ & their parents’ faces are her greatest reward.

Huzzy A R

Huzzy has been a music-and-movement teacher for the last 18 years. After attending a music-and-movement lesson with her first son, she fell in love with it and decided to make teaching music and movement her career. All these years, she feels that the strong bond that she shares with her three children can be attributed to the music-and-movement classes that she attended with them in their early years. Huzzy firmly believes that when children learn in a fun and enriching environment, they are more inclined to continue learning on their own. Process of Learning before Performance is a mantra that she carries through in her teaching.

Huzzy started learning to blow the trumpet at the age of eight and led her trumpet section in her secondary school. She is also certified in Orff Schulwerk Level 1 and and 2. She has a diploma of Educational Studies in Early Years Enrichment Education by the College of Teachers (London) and certificates by the College of Teachers (London) in Speech Development and Creative Drama (distinction), Music and Movement (distinction) and Creative Writing. She still sings actively at functions and events. Apart from teaching, Huzzy loves to sing, dance, act and host stage shows. Huzzy also has the most wonderful sense of humour.

Jane Lau

Jane Lau has spent the last six years teaching music to young children because it brings her so much joy. Armed with a lyrical voice and a calm and reassuring demeanor, Jane’s classroom is a scene of balance of energy and tranquility. Jane has earned her Bachelor of Classical Music with Honours from University College Sedaya International, Kuala Lumpur. In addition, she also took her Diploma and other Certifications in Piano Performance from London College of Music, Piano from The Royal Schools of Music, UK (ABRSM), and Level 1 Certification Orff Schulwerk from Western Australia Orff Schulwerk Association (WAOSA). Jane also plays the flute and enjoys singing and strumming the ukulele.
As a piano teacher, she recognizes that the musical experiences offered by Our Music Studio are what pave the way for the confidence and graciousness needed in eventual musical success. Nothing makes her more proud than watching the more introverted children slowly coming out of their shells, singing and responding musically in and outside of the music class.

Janice Yue

Janice Yue has been involved with children’s musical education for almost 15 years. Joining Our Music Studio gave her an opportunity to remain fresh and creative. She also wants to draw on her years of experience to bring her students to greater heights in their musical journey. Janice loves children and enjoys watching the little ones respond to music. There have been many occasions when her young students have surprised her with their spontaneity and creativity. For example, one 15-month old could accurately play the ‘rest’ beat on the lollipop drum without assistance. Then there are these 3-year olds who are able to provide their own conclusion to a story that is being told. Prior to OMS, Janice was a secondary school teacher. She plays the organ and piano and has sung in the school and church choirs and also performed on the stage.

Paulyn Yong

Paulyn, discovered music-and-movement classes while living in Adelaide, South Australia. After attending one such programme with her son, it changes her perception on how music should be taught to children. Music is not just about reading music sheets and hitting the right notes, but about enjoyment and hearing it in your hearts. Paulyn plays the piano and was a part-time piano teacher in her college years. With a combined passion for children and music, she left the corporate world to pursue a new career with Our Music Studio Pte Ltd, Singapore.

Paulyn is certified in Orff Schulwerk Level 1 and the Autistic Movement Therapy.

Paulyn loves her involvement with OMS and hopes that she can provide the best musical experience for her students.

Rensing Lim

Lim Rensing is a music lover and believes in imparting the passion of music, instead of teaching music. She has been imparting the love of music to children since 2003. Prior to that Rensing was a part-time piano teacher (starting at a tender age of 16). She discovered music and movement when her oldest child enrolled in the Kindermusik program and was impressed that music could be learned and enjoyed by very young child. She holds a Grade 8 Piano and Theory Certification with The ABRSM as well as a Diploma in Piano Teaching (Trinity College of London). Besides the piano, she plays many instruments including brass instruments, guitar, ukulele, and keyboard arrangement.

Wong Yim Ching

Wong Yim Ching has been a music educator for children for almost 15 years. Prior to that, she was an early childhood teacher and a part-time piano teacher.

Yim Ching’s passion is to instil in every child the love for music from an early age. She firmly believes that a good music education, one that supports pedagogies like Orff Schulwerk, Kodaly and Dalcroze, not only benefits the child, but also supports his other areas of development as well.
She holds a Grade 8 Piano and Theory Certification with the ABRSM as well as a teaching Diploma in Early Childhood Education.

Being able to combine both her passion for music and her love for children gives her great joy to continue teaching music-and-movement classes at Our Music Studio.


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