Young Musicians

4.5 – 6 years •12 weeks per theme
After comparing children who had music lessons with those who didn’t, scientists from McMaster University, Canada, found that …The children with music lessons had better memories as well as higher literacy and math levels. All the kids in the study were aged 4-6 years. – Medical News Today

With a keen intellect, the kindergarteners are ready for more challenging tasks in musicianship building. Our integrated learning approach emphasizes the teaching of the rudiments of music (i.e. Notation which includes: the clefs icon-music1, icon-music2, line notes and space notes icon-music3, time signatures, treble stave notes.) Famous composers and their works are also featured. This programme has 4 levels and different instruments, namely glockenspiels, ukulele and recorders, are taught at every level.

Our Young Musicians programme lays the foundation for the kindergarteners to appreciate the arts and to help them prepare for formal musical pursuits.